Baseball was played in Goshen as early as 1908. The program was very unstable and only played about ten seasons from 1908 into the 30s. Baseball was revived again in the early 50s.

The real coming of age for the program began in 1966 when Ken Mirer was hired as head baseball coach. In 1967, Mirer helped the program take the biggest step in its history by overseeing the building of Phend Field. At the time it was constructed, Phend Field was the finest school-owned facility in Northern Indiana and soon became the prototype for other baseball facilities in this area. Coach Mirer won five sectionals in five years and added a regional title in 1969.

In 1971 Devon Hoffman took over for Mirer and continued the successful fledgling program and turned it into a sectional power house coaching the Redskins to nine titles including a regional and two NLC championships.

Brian Eldridge took over the squad in 1988 and continued the successful ways of the program. He lead the Redskins to two NLC titles. Eldridge also coached five sectional championship teams including a 4A sectional title championship in 1999 in the recently aligned class baseball four-class format.

In 2000 Matt Chupp became only the fourth coach in Goshen High School’s modern era. Coach Chupp added a sectional championship to the Redskins’ impressive total that include twenty two titles the Redskins have.

In 2006, Jim Speicher became the fifth head baseball coach at GHS and has strived to continue the success and standards that the Goshen Baseball have set over the years. The Redskins value hard work, hustle, and integrity. We believe our best outcomes will be the result of giving the best effort for our teammates and coaches in practice and on the game field.

The Goshen Baseball program is one of the most successful programs at Goshen High School. Since 1969, the baseball program has: four NLC, sixteen sectional and two regional championships.